Air Quality Impact Assessments are typically required as supporting documentation for:   

(a)    Planning/Zoning applications;

(b)    Aggregate Resource Act licences;

(c)    Environmental Impact Assessments / Environmental Assessments  

These studies use a variety of tools including Guideline D-6 separation distances; local meteorology; complaints analysis; air dispersion modelling , etc. to assess the potential  (in terms of magnitude, extent, duration and frequency) for human health and nuisance impacts of either existing industries on new residential development;  or of new/expanded industry on existing land uses (e.g. residential, agricultural).  

BCX staff have completed a wide range of air quality impact assessments/land use compatibility (D-6) studies for both new residential developments and for new/expanded industrial uses including quarries and waste management facilities.  Our success lies in our understanding of the site background and potential opposition to the proposed new /expanded use; our understanding of the time constraints faced by planners; and ability to prepare reports tailored to the target audience.


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