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As a result of public complaints and/or a Condition of an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) may require that a facility prepare a dust and/or odour management plan.

Typical dust and/or odour management plans need to include:
(1) Identification of the main sources of fugitive dust and/or odorous emissions;
(2) Potential causes for high emissions resulting from these sources;
(3) Preventative and control measures in place or under development to minimize the likelihood of high emissions from the sources;
(4) An implementation schedule for Plan, including training of facility personnel;
(5) Inspection and maintenance procedures and verification initiatives to ensure effective implementation of the preventative and control measures; and
(6) Documentation and record keeping protocols.
BCX staff work with you to develop safe and practical dust management plans taking into consideration capital and operating costs and facility resources.  Having prepared numerous plans tailed to the size and complexity of each facility, BCX can help you to successfully manage MOECC and public nuisance dust and odour concerns/complaints.  


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